Our Services

Leonard Sales offers a variety of services to help you in your foodservice needs. 

Product Sales

Providing expertise to ensure the manufacturer's product is brought to market properly.

Value Engineering

Identifying and specifying cost-saving applications that put money towards the bottom line.

Product Applications

Obtaining correct product applications to meet customer needs in a competitive market.

Product sales

Whether its bringing a new product to market, or developing a product to meet an existing demand in the industry, the Leonard Sales team has the expertise to ensure the manufacturer’s product is brought to market properly. 

value engineering

Many products and applications can be as simple as finding a lower cost alternative, but they can also be more complex.  Our team has the ability to identify and specify cost saving applications that put money towards the bottom line. 

product applications

Having the right product for the right application is paramount in foodservice.  By having the right product specified, the performance levels and productivity increase. Our seasoned team has the ability and experience to get the correct product application to meet the needs of the competitive foodservice landscape.